During the quarantine, IRUIN delivers cider to your home

Iruin SagardotegiaIruin SagardotegiaDuring the quarantine, IRUIN delivers cider to your home

The appearance of the covid-19 in the current paradigm has caused many companies to reconsider their work methodology and, in this sense, the cider houses have been no less. The corononavirus has forced a reinvention of a formula that satisfies both customers and the economy itself.

For the first time, home delivery has a leading role in this sector and helps ensure that much of the work done during the cider season is not spoiled. Now, both customers and consumers can enjoy a fresh and natural product.

"We have not doubted it, we know that during this confinement many have been left with the desire and because of this, we have established this home delivery service"

Make your stay more enjoyable with IRUIN. We offer cider at home. Minimum order of 24 bottles at € 1.80 each / transport included. To place an order, write via WhatsApp to the following number 661 56 84 41. You must specify the name of the applicant, the phone number, the quantity and the delivery address.

"Do not hesitate during this closing IRUIN is your best option"

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