Reservation and pet policy

Making a reservation at Sidrería Iruin, our reservation policy and our pet policy are accepted.

Reservation policy

  • The individual dishes are not changed, they are for the complete service.
  • The Txotx schedule must be respected 13:30-16:50 and 20:00-23:50.
  • The dining room must be vacated before 5:30 p.m. at noon so that we can clean and reopen at 7:00 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. in the evening to rest.
  • We dont gonna accept any sexist, hembrist, racist, homophobic, transphobic comments or attitudes or any other type of discrimination.
  • If you come with childrens, they will be supervised at all times by their parents/guardians.

Pet policy

At Iruin we are delighted that you come with your favorite four-legged friend, they are wonderful beings who will always be faithful to us and deserve that we share plans with them.

Since our cider house is a public place where we have food and drinks, we have decided to establish rules so that the microsystem between furry´s and humans does not break and that everyone can enjoy the IRUIN SAGARDOTEGIA experience.

  1. At all times they must be tied and with you without disturbing other diners.
  2. Iruin is a quiet place, so barking is not welcome.
  3. Before sitting down at the table, we recomend to have a long walk to relax the furry´s energy.
  4. If they do any pee or poo in Iruin, their tutor will have to take responsibility for cleaning or picking them up.
  5. We are very sorry that they will not be able to be fed in Iruin the grease of the food in the floor, and there is no way to clean it afterwards, however we will be happy to give you your leftovers so they can eat at home.
  6. One furry per table will be allowed.
  7. f the furry is a bit conflictive, they will be required to wear a muzzle.

We remind you that Iruin is a cider house and not a game park, here we love animals and we know that as guardians we must be responsable and civil, so failure to comply with any of the rules will be a reason to ask them to please go out.

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