Iruin, the innovation that doesn't break with the tradition

Iruin SagardotegiaIruin SagardotegiaIruin, the innovation that doesn't break with the tradition

We have returned with more strength than ever for the new season of cider of this 2018. Surely many of you have been able to see the special supplement of "Sidrerías" published in Diario Vasco a few days ago, in which we present the essence of our cider house in Zubieta and of our author cider. And as described in the Diario Vasco "we represent the generational change that inevitably occurs in a world in which the last few years have evolved at breakneck speed".

And this is why we have not stopped improving our cider house and we have taken advantage of the Christmas weeks, in which the Iruin Cider House has remained closed, to carry out works and improvements in our kitchen. Which you can continue to see from the dining room, to enjoy the work of our chefs and broilers while tortillas, cod and “txuletas” jumps from the grill to the plate for the enjoyment of all our guests.

Here you can read the summary of the Diario Vasco article...

In a unique place like Zubieta is the Iruin cider house. It was Ion's and Mikel Astiazaran father who opened the sagardotegi in 1984, although the two previous generations already produced cider for domestic consumption and their neighbors. "Aita loves to investigate everything related to cider and he was who opted to get involved in production, we have inherited that passion," says Ion. His cider Astiazaran is author made, in the sense that the production is of high quality but limited, so every year there are those who do not get it.

The Astiazaran brothers have not wanted to radically change the business, but "we have added certain comforts keeping the traditional spirit of the sagardotegi. Every year we have invested in improvements: we have changed the floor of the dining room to slate, installed a glass on the terrace ... This year, for example, we have renovated the kitchen, which is still visible to customers ".

In addition, Ion adds that "in the dynamics of work we have diversified the system: my brother takes the hospitality, I sell cider and its export, my father the production, my mother the decoration ...".

From January to May the tradition predominates in Iruin, where you can take the classic cider house menu and drink “txotx” cider. In summer, however, the menu is more like that of a picnic area, with its tomato from Tudela, its peppers with anchovies, the txopitos, its unique cheese cake ... All of them are perfect to enjoy on the terrace with children's playground .

Source: Diario Vasco, Special Supplement "Sidrerías" of January 17, 2018

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