Iruin Sagardotegia takes part in the "Juego de Cartas" show of ETB2

Iruin SagardotegiaIruin SagardotegiaIruin Sagardotegia takes part in the "Juego de Cartas" show of ETB2

Zubieta's Iruin cider house has recently participated in the "Juego de Cartas" program that ETB has been broadcasting in recent weeks through its second channel. The current manager of Iruin is Ion Astiazaran who represents the fourth generation of owners of this traditional cider house, pioneer in implementing the cider menu; that is to say, a closed menu with a fixed price that at the moment is extended on all the cider houses of Gipuzkoa. In addition to showing the facilities of the traditional Basque cider house, in the video presentation (minute 2.40 of the video) Ion Astiazaran highlights some of the most characteristic aspects of Iruin as the export of its exclusive cider to countries like USA and Japan.

The quality of the menu of Iruin Sagardotegia, the most valued by the rest of cider hosues  The competition "Juego de Cartas" has brought together the owners of 4 cider houses in Gipuzkoa in order that among them they taste the dishes offered in their restaurants and also value other aspects such as space, cuisine, service and relationship quality-price of the cider houses (minute 44 of the video).

During the visit of the presenter of the program and cook Javi Sierra and the owners of the rest of cider houses selected to Iruin, the quality of the menu of the cider house of Zubieta was the aspect that received the best score.

In addition, the basque singer from Egan, Xabier Saldias, was present in the txotx of Iruin Sagardotegia and was encouraged to sing and to soften the atmosphere of the cider house. 

The presence of Iruin Sagardotegia on the contest has been an experience and certainly a good occasion to showcase the cider house and the good work of the family Astiazaran as producers of cider.

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