En Profitant de la Cidre en Été

Iruin SagardotegiaIruin SagardotegiaEn Profitant de la Cidre en Été

The Txotx season ended last May... (Basque Country tradition that allows consumers to taste cider from the barrels), which does not mean that we will no longer be able to enjoy a good drink of cider.

With the arrival of summer, it is the bottled cider that becomes more important and therefore, we must consider it as a remedy to cope with high temperatures. Its natural composition makes it a unique and exceptional drink. Which in turn, allows it to adapt to any environment. Thus being possible to enjoy it, both in terraces and other typical places of the moment.

"Enjoy cider at any time"

We know that we deal with the most demanding palates and this, in turn, motivates and encourages us on a daily basis. We are aware of the work we do and our denomination of origin certifies it.

"So don't forget to enjoy cider and company every day."

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