Keys to enjoying a cider house

Iruin SagardotegiaIruin SagardotegiaKeys to enjoying a cider house

The rituals of the cider house make sharing a meal a unique experience, different from the rest of the catering industry. The ritual of the txotx, the movement of people from one place to another, eating standing up, without plates... these are some of the guidelines that we must bear in mind, we must be aware of them so as not to be surprised by the situation. The experience is special and should be enjoyed to the full.

For this reason, we recommend some simple, but very valuable tips, so that the meal becomes a real feast.

  1. Making the txotx correctly is essential to enjoy the full flavour of the cider. Hold the glass correctly, tilt it so that the cider breaks on the walls and not on the bottom of the glass. Watch the veterans and take note.
  2. Cider is tasted and appreciated in the area of the barrels, in the cellar. You have to go there with an empty glass. Follow the cry of txotx and get in line, taste the cider, share your sensations and return to the table with an empty glass.
  3. Bear in mind that you will be eating without a plate. The traditional cider house menu is enjoyed sharing from a single platter.
  4. The season is mostly in winter and you are in a cellar. There may be unheated areas, and you will have to move around in areas with temperature differences. At times, a coat will be a good companion.
  5. Try different barrels, different ciders, different sensations and flavours... A great advantage that you can find in very few places, being able to try a wide variety of a natural, handcrafted product before buying it.
  6. If you come back, remember that cider is constantly evolving. It is a living product. The cider you tasted a month ago in that barrel is no longer the same. Check it out.
  7. And most importantly, enjoy... everything. The food, the cider, the place, the people, the atmosphere? A unique experience that only happens here, in the cider house.

Do you want to check it out? We are waiting for you at Sidrería Iruin. Come and enjoy it.

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