Iruin SagardotegiaIruin SagardotegiaTHIS IS OUR NEW CIDER!

In Iruin Sagardotegia the cider house season is inaugurated. A period that goes from January and that we extend until the end of May and that is already an unavoidable appointment in the Basque calendar. And the fact is that more and more kuadrillas and tourists enjoy these dates and come to visit us.

We have already tasted the first sip of the 2022 vintage and we are very happy with the result. A very aromatic cider, fresh and with an intense flavor. And in color... Beautiful!

Our apples come from Normandy, Galicia and of course they also have an autochthonous seal. They are acid fruits with a certain bitter and sweet touch and we select them carefully to always keep the best.

This year has not been easy. The harvest has been very small. The dry summer weather has not helped too much either and has made the production even smaller. But you know that in Iruin the soul of our aita is always present even though he is retired. He has been the one who has been in charge of the cider pairing and we have obtained a broth with more character. In total we have produced 80,000 liters of cider.

And we already know that in a sagardotegi you can not only drink but also eat. And very well! We will offer the typical cider house menu consisting of cod omelette, fried cod with peppers, cod ajoarriero, grilled steak, cheese with quince jelly and nuts. And this year, yes, there will be txotx without restrictions.

We also want to remind you that we have alternative menus. Vegetarian menu (not vegan), children's menu for the little ones and options for pregnant women and gluten intolerant people.

The Astiazaran family is very excited about the new cider season and we are looking forward to you trying our new cider this year. Made with love for you.


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