Iruin SagardotegiaIruin SagardotegiaQUE LA VIE EST UN CARNAVAL

In Iruin we feel like partying. We are warming up the engines to celebrate the carnival. We want to see the most original costumes parading through our sagardotegi. We want to see the high level!

In Iruin carnival, anything goes and if you still don't have an outfit, we give you some ideas.

It seems that one of the star outfits will be the Addams Family Wednesday costume that went viral on social networks after the premiere of the Netflix series. Right now, it is one of the most sought after.

Another costume that could be trending this 2023 is the Shakira-Piqué-Clara Chía soap opera. At the moment, the most original and daring costumes about the most famous love trio of the social chronicle have already gone viral.

Current events, movies and television are key when it comes to setting new carnival trends. This adorable girl has caused a furor on social networks with this Queen Elizabeth II costume.

Then there are the costumes of a lifetime. The pirates, the clowns and the superheroes that always sell out. Because the classics never die. And finally, there are those who leave everything to the end and put on the first thing they find at home and make the coolest costume.

Do you already know what you're going to dress up as?

Surprise us!

Put on your costume, we're going to carnival!

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